Textile Musings

This past week has been filled with experimentation and new ideas for a series entitled TEXTILE MUSINGS.

This is the first completed piece using a myriad of parts I created during the week. I painted, dyed, stenciled, organza and silk, paper and thread, tissue and who knows what else! Took some fibrous building items out of the garage and tried those too. Then came the challenge…how to put them together…….?

I wanted a long and narrow presentation…a favorite of mine…and it eventually came together with much layering, free motion quilting and hand embroidery.

Below is a detail of the second piece in this series. I like the painted organza as a “cover” for all that us underneath. I like stitching through it and embroidering over it and think I will pursue a few more “musings” with this technique. The finished piece is 7×40.

Both are at Jupiter Fine Art in Madrid looking for a new home…from the studio

My dining room table getting loaded with new parts each day


  1. Sue, I really like your new challenge and execution there of! I have been doing Boro stitching and it’s fun because you use anything you want to make the patches.

    1. This is like Boro stitching, but with more painterly patches. It has been freeing and less stodgy than my usual endeavors. I think I like making the parts as much as putting together the completed piece !

      1. Yes. I agree. Last year at Art Quilt Tahoe I took a class on Boro Stitching from Deborah Fell. She showed us examples of classic Boro which is simply saving damaged clothing with patches of other pieces of clothing fabric. Very simple. However, being who I am, I brought all kinds of fancy, shiny, etc., fabric scraps and made squares using those along with lots of decorative stitches. You have taken the idea even further with using so many other kinds of materials including paint, and so many other unexpected objects. Such fun. I love it when you can make art in so many unexpected ways and how it just begins to flow once you start experimenting as you really don’t know how it will turn out.

      2. Carolyn, your comment just came thru! Maybe I was meant to get it now, as this technique is flowing into smalls and I love them! Just posted about them tonight. I would love to see what you’ve done with your gorgeous fabrics. Sue

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