Textile Mementos


Last week I showed you my Textile Musings….this week a Textile MEMENTO…same technique, but a more compact size. They average approximately four by four inches…some a bit larger…and are layered and stitched just as the banners. I am mounting these pieces on rough watercolor paper, rigid enough to hold a nice shape when placed in a cellophane sleeve. Some will be framed as above and I will offer the others unframed, but still mounted, awaiting your choice of frame.

The unframed textiles are coveted by the visitors in Santa Fe who are traveling through on their way to the airport…perfect for a quick stick into a carry on suitcase…a unique MEMENTO of their trip through New Mexico. These and others will arrive at Jupiter Fine Art in Madrid on Monday.

Another below, unframed…from the studio


  1. I love everything that you do! These are wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Thank you Kristen! I am loving these and have so many iterations to explore. I think embroidering the cards got me started on a road to who knows 😳

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