CEO nos. 7-10

Here’s an update on this weeks CEO paintings. No. 7 has sold, but the other three are available...9&10 just posted today.

No. 8 shows snow covered mountains with pines and junipers leading us into the meadow…acrylic on board. Come take a walk with me.

Nos. 9&10 are a “two-for”, being sold as a pair. They look lovely together, or keep one for yourself and give one to a friend who needs some quiet and calm in their busy life. Both are original acrylic paintings on stretched canvas, not on board as the others. I like painting with this proportion, 1:3 horizontal, from this size, 3:9 all the way up to my larger landscapes, 12:36. These lean back to my personal aesthetic that I have pursued for many years. I really like these and will do more in this size and flavor as the CEO series progresses.

Available nowfrom the studio


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