Finished this painting a week or so ago. I love the way the wind in the sky just pushes the ground and the way the ducks in the water are pushed along also. They were sort of…well truly if I admit…an accident. I was moving the paint across the edge of the horizon, huming a happy tune and the brush jigged along with the beat. The “ducks” just appeared and became, in the end, an integral part of this painting. Isn’t it great when things so serendipitously belong?

There are absolutely horrible things going on in the world and my heart just is tortured by the pain that so many people are enduring. Sometimes a little thing like this can lighten my feelings for a moment and make me feel that there can be something to smile at and find a small bit of joy in for a day. I hope that wherever this painting finds a home, it can spark that same feeling in those who see it each day…even if just for a while…from the studio

Here it is sitting on the shelf in my studio….

It is now where I can see it everyday….and smile


  1. I love this painting!

    My heart hurts too.

    Trying to find beauty and joy where I can. Went to the library today. There were tulips and daffodils and hyacinths in the front bed. Lovely. The promise of spring. Made me smile.

    I so enjoy seeing what you are creating.



    1. Cynthia,
      I hope seeing it gave you a bit of happiness as it did me. I am enjoying it now before I need to take it else where. I think painting has given me more pleasure than ever in the past year, as it just takes me somewhere else.
      Thanks for the kind words,

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