This Week’s CEO’s…no.’s 3-6

Here are this week’s CEO paintings. I completed no. 6 today and you are the first to see this one. It will not be posted to Instagram until tomorrow. I thought I would try a more pastel pallette on this one and am pleased with the way it turned out. It has been rather windy here the past few days and I think that influenced the swaying motion across the fields below the mountains.

CEO 3 and 4 share the same hues…my favorite colors…and make a good pair…different sizes but speak to each other well. They also share the high desert theme of hills and bushes.

No. 5 is rather reminiscent of Colorado mountains, pines and shrubs. I think I was yearnning to get in the van and head out to do some camping, but Colorado is a bit too chilly at night this time of year…soon. I think this one is the biggest step away from my usual routine.

Check them all out in my shop….from the studio

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