C.E.O.’s numbers 1 and 2

Number 1 of 30 in the next 6 weeks

I am on my way to 30 original paintings over the next six weeks. I have surprised myself with how much I am enjoying painting this size! I had to get a set of teeny tiny brushes to add the details I desired and learn how to use them effectively…always something new, and I love learning new things.

I will create a CEO almost everyday…some days need to be devoted to other things, you know…shopping, cooking, writing, and painting large pieces…the joys of everyday life.

ALL these paintings are original, affordable and collectible…one of the benefits of this series priced $59 to a max of $99. From now until Mother’s Day, I will post them each day as they are done on my Instagram feed and weekly here in my blog. They will be available live as they are finished at http://www.studio18artwork.com under C.E.O.’s. Here’s the nicely textured CEO no. 2:

The first two pieces in this series are New Mexico landscapes painted on 5×5 inch 3/4 inch cradle board. I will use this size board, 5×7 inch cradle boards, and hardboards and canvas up to 8×8 inches as I continue on my journey through this series. Each painting will be beautifully finished with painted edges and varnished surfaces for UV protection and a soft satin finish. Some may be used as a diagram for a larger painting.

CEO no. 2

Enjoy!…from the studio

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