A Focused Week

This week has been quite busy. Athough I am working toward self-representing as an artist, it will take a while for my endeavor to fully replace my galleries SO…I still need the support of my galleries for that time, or until…so that’s what I did this week.

Take a peek at my week in this video…from the studio


The last few weeks have seen my inventory decline in Madrid, so I worked at replacing quite a bit. I also painted a new original landscape and delivered some of my new framed giclees. I still need to paint a large original to replace some of the board landscapes and fill out the space in good fashion. At times it looks too busy and other times, too slim. This week is spring break in New Mexico, so tourists will be plentiful and my smaller board landscapes can jump right into their carryons to make the ride home. What better memory of a trip to Santa Fe than a picture of the southwest landscape, sitting on your desk at home or hanging on the wall in your kitchen?

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