Three to go

These three canvases are a delightful size in a frame that is specifically chosen for each one to compliment the image perfectly. The canvas giclees are almost indistinguishable from the original painting on canvas. The outside frame measurements range from 9 to 12 inches. At this size, they fit nicely on an easel or supported by the easel back on the frame. Can you see one on a bookshelf in your study or on the corner of your desk? Could one be for a friend who needs a lift…a calming vision in her day?

I painted these images for my High Desert Series. I thought I would use a neutral palette for the full series, but slowly and surely drifted into my personal aesthetic of more color. These represent the full spectrum of my journey.

As of tonight, only one of each is available…$68 including shipping cost….take a look.

This artwork will arrive at your doorstep framed as you see them here…ready out of the box, ready to place on an easel or on a shelf. The first piece also has hardware attached to hang on a wall. Will they reflect the beauty you see out your window or remind you of a ride through the High Desert of New Mexico?

Next week, I will begin a new artistic mission….30 original, affordable, petite paintings, offered five each week for six weeks. I am calling this series CEOs…Collector Edition Originals. My purpose is twofold: to develop my painting skills using different supports…wood panels, gessoed hardboard, clay board…and to offer collectible original paintings at a very affordable price. More to come…from the studio

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