Gentle Breezes

BREEZES…acrylic on canvas…24×36

I stepped back a bit from my stronger landscapes and followed a very gentle breeze as I painted this piece. I wanted soft and creamy, like Italian gelato and gentle, like a cashmere blanket. I hoped to entice the viewer to step in and wander to the horizon to bathe in the sunlight.

These thoughts…these goals…at times seem to possess my brush as I paint. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, the painting develops on its own…easy, effortless.

This painting gives me great joy in its simplicity and, dare I say “yummy-ness”. I hope it finds a home in a household of peace or, on the other hand, a household in search of peace. I believe it could impart a calming effect on any environment.

BREEZES is available at Earthen Vessel Gallery in Durango, Colorado.

Enduring calm and happiness…from the studio


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