How Interesting…..Deja vu

In reviewing 2020, I had no idea what would seem of significance to me in my artistic development. It turns out, one post just jumped out, but not for the usual reasons.

I had a lot of paintings to create and deliver the past two weeks…therefore the lack of posts…but there has been another thought sitting in the back of my mind, the COVID vaccine. So many people waiting and hoping for a new day. I wish everyone could get the shot ASAP. I discovered I felt the same way last year when I painted this piece, at a time when a vaccine was just a wish and a prayer.

The post I selected for review in 2020 is about the painting VACCINE in my COVID Series. I guess I have been thinking about it much longer than I knew…from the studio, the busy studio!


Originally posted May 29, 2020:

VACCINE…acrylic on canvas…36×36

This is the second piece in the sub-series of the Covid 19 paintings, one of three 36×36 pieces. The vertical stripe on this one helps to keep the virus out until it reaches the vaccine on the right side of the painting.

I represented the virus as fully loaded, drifting to the vaccinated side and then disintegrating as the vaccine does its job. Wouldn’t it be grand if this vaccine was already available to everyone? Instead of using cut out vellum letters, I painted the word on this piece because it seemed more personal and comfortable, feelings a vaccinated person may experience as they feel more protected.

Detail…the virus approaching

Always optimistic…Hoping for the best…from the studio


  1. I love these paintings. I just go my first dose, and so has most of my family now. Feels like a new day in opening up for all of us. Your paintings capture that feeling of not so much celebration, as simple relief and grantitude.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. When I painted VACCINE, it seemed like we were sort of stuck in a very odd place. By May, we had gotten used to being at home and were rather timid about going out anywhere. The vaccine has lifted some of those feelings, although I think I will be careful for a while…even after getting fully vaccinated. Who knows what the next few months will hold. Maybe another painting in the series…just don’t know what word represents things now. Sue

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