Canvas galore…2019

Canvas construction, waxed linen, embroidered, mounted on canvas

2019 was a good year for me. I picked the following two posts because I continue to create pieces using the painted canvas. I use many different tools to apply the paint…wallpaper seamers, bondo scrapers and my fingers! I don’t use a brush because the canvas I use is heavy and textured and I have to essentially press the paint onto, not into, the canvas. It remains on the surface…and I like that. I have a difficult time stitching through the fabric, both with the machine and by hand, because I have to go through both the canvas and the paint. I tried a lighter weight canvas, thinking it would make my life easier, but it just didn’t have the same look, so forward with sore fingers and pliers as I embroidered.

You will see a few pieces here, but many are available under TEXTILES in the Online Shop…I told you I kept these in my artistic repertory. They are the first textile series online, one of my favorites. Enjoy…from the studio

First re-post: EXPANDING ON AN IDEA posted February 14, 2019

In a previous post, I discussed the piece SOMETIMES I GO TO PIECES. I painted a huge amount of canvas strips for that piece, tried to use them on another piece, but it just didn’t make it. I ran across a few straggler strips and knew what I wanted to do. I painted MORE canvas, but will use it in a different way.

Just the beginning….

Having worked with textiles…with a mixed media mindset…over the past year, I have had the urge to use them in a very loose and original state, “original” referring to their origins. I wanted a more earthy and handworked presentation, referencing a simpler time…back to basics…not only in technique but also without the computer technology and chemically assisted “everything” used in some textile pieces today.

I will show you the results tomorrow…from the studio

A Finished Few from February 15, 2019

I mounted four completed pieces today in my yet unnamed series. The canvas support is studded with rusted square head nails. Some of these nails remained from a barn floor my husband removed, planed and reinstalled in our 1860 barn in NY that became my studio and gallery in the Berkshires. The nails add to the concept of basic and uncomplicated that is fueling this work. I need to title this series to reflect these thoughts…it will come eventually…from the studio

12×12 unnamed (as yet) series
12×4 unnamed (as yet) series

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