The Rio Grande at Caballo

The Rio Grande at Caballo…acrylic on canvas…24×24

This is the second piece I added to the gallery last week. I planned on painting a quiet piece and thought that the dammed up Rio Grande near Caballo fit the bill. Caballo, NM is just south of T or C, NM and the reservoir is visible from the highway driving south. I always love to see the light reflecting off the water…an unbelievable sight in this state as there are so few lakes.

It has been very dry lately. The monsoon should be providing storms this time of year, but they have been very hit or miss. With the coronavirus keeping us at home, I haven’t seen the lake in quite a while, but I hope there is still enough flow to the Rio Grande to keep the water level up. It is truly a beautiful place and I hope I can make you feel the same attraction to the lake when you see this painting…from the studio

Rio Grande at Caballo…detail


  1. I am just blown away by these landscape paintings.  You must be so pleased with this body of work. All the best, Mimi

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