Waldo Canyon Wind

Waldo Canyon Wind…acrylic on canvas…12×36

Waldo Canyon Wind is the painting that sat on my easel for about three days while I contemplated what I needed to do with the sky. I wanted some direction to the clouds, started to place a few and, voila, I saw the wind pushing them along! Sometimes the right answer takes a while to materialize…worth waiting for. I so enjoy painting the landscape of New Mexico.

This painting found it’s way to the gallery this week along with one more…will post that one later…from the studio


  1. Just beautiful, Sue as always. I’m intrigued with what looks like mark making on the very bottom. Is that what it is? Too long for your signature.

    1. Thanks, Carolyn. Yes it is mark making. In this particular piece it is more visible, but if you look at many of my other landscape paintings, it is there, but less visible…less contrast. Also, I photographed this painting on the run because I needed to get it put up…forgot to do it at home…and the light is very reflected in the bottom corners, so you can see more. It has become a sort of trademark of mine. Sue

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