Experimenting with the Boxes

I finished my first piece using the many boxes I folded and painted. I wanted to complete a piece to test my concept and to work out the technical aspects of putting it all together. I wanted to test color…do I want it very neutral? Turns out it needed a bit of color, although I still kept it soft by using many white and soft gray boxes.

The underlying theme I chose for the work I am presenting in this upcoming exhibit is circles and squares. Keeping that “rule” in mind helps to make my work cohesive, even though the pieces themselves may be quite different in technique or appearance. I also want to use a the same materials in many of the pieces, again to have all the work flow and belong to each other…and to me.

As I worked on this piece, I imagined the circular elements placed inside the boxes to be the ideas I have for the next pieces to make that circle around in my head. I need to contain each one, so that I don’t move on too quickly…without giving my current idea adequate time to develop as it should.

The photo of this piece is not great because I have yet to wire the canvas so that it can hang on the wall and be properly lit for the camera to capture the colors well. I think this will be the orientation, but I need to live with it in one other way before I commit.

I am very happy with this first try. I have enough parts to do the original size I envisioned, 24×48 inches. I have the boxes laid out on the canvas as it sits on a work table. I keep rearranging as I pass by. I added a few other elements to the larger one…they look good.

I may keep this piece for myself…it looks quite nice in person….or I may sell it…or not, undecided. The larger one will be more appropriate for the exhibit. Since I worked through the assembly process on this try, once the arrangement is finalized, I know how to proceed with the next one…from the studio