Hanging Basket no. 4

Top section of new basket

I spent the past week finalizing the designs for a few of my mixed media textile pieces. I put together certain elements and am working toward the completion of at least two pieces. Above is a detail view of the top section for a hanging basket. I posted this past March about three other hanging baskets I made using metal armatures built by my husband (thank you!). It has been brought to my attention that these pieces are not technically baskets, but I think that they are because they have a hollow core and a top opening (although I do cover the opening on the top…oh well).

This particular top section is formed from a quilt that I made a few years ago, but didn’t feel was successful. I had already quilted it, but…yuck!…so I painted over the entire surface with gesso and then titanium white. I liked the look of it at that point, and have cut it up to use in other pieces. Add some tubing and newspaper yarn and viola! I may trim some of the yarn ties when I attach the bottom part of the basket if it looks too busy…who knows? I hope to finish this piece over the next two days…then check the box, one is donefrom the studio