New Year, New Work

My galleries in Madrid, Santa Fe, and Durango are well supplied for the slow months of January and February, so I am working on mixed media textile pieces to submit to an upcoming show at the Capitol Rotunda Gallery in Santa Fe. I participated in this show two years ago and it opened my mind to so many possibilities.

I have collected numerous “things” to work with for this show. I am playing with parts and pieces and developing work step by step. I am extremely happy with the results so far. The above photo shows some of these parts.

I teach a class on finding your voice as an artist. I am finding one aspect of mine through this creative process…I like repetition in design and in the making. I enjoy making hundreds of the same element. Is it soothing? Is it an accomplishment? Is it an investment in a large work? OR is it just nutty???? from the studio…

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