Woven…no. 1

Woven interfaced muslin, painted, iron base, 36 inches tall
Better sticks

This is the first of three woven cotton pieces I completed in the past few weeks. I have struggled to achieve the right “sticks” for the top, but think I am satisfied with the arrangement in the second picture. Neither photo is great as I haven’t set up the lights and camera for real photos yet. I hope to do that next week when I have a substantial amount of pieces to photograph.

I wanted to complete some sculptural artwork for the textile show. Although this looks like metalwork, it is only fabric and paint. The weaving and paint keeps the piece rigid, so it could stand on its own, but I like it presented on the stand. Fortunately, I have a good metal sculptor living with me who can create whatever stands I need….how lucky am I?

This fits my circles and squares theme, in the square realm…small squares formed by the weaving….more to come…from the studio