Not Accepted


FLIGHT OF FANCY…31X44…art quilt


It’s been a while since I posted, but I HAVE BEEN in the studio!  I will catch you up on some things.

I submitted the above quilt to a national show, but it didn’t get in…oh well.  There is always as many that don’t get in as do get in.

I spent a very long time with this quilt, not only painting the background and feathers, but assembling it in order, so it would all lay flat and so that the feathers would fall on top of each other in the proper layers.  I stitched each of the feathers to the quilted background, first with a straight stitch and then with a satin stitch, before I clipped them.  Actually, I did all of the sewing and beading before I clipped the feathers.  The detail shot below shows the stitching and beading.


I wish I had a picture of the piece before clipping, because it looked totally different.  I surprised myself that I could leave this task until the end…after the piece was bound and the sleeve sewn on…because if it didn’t look good…oops!  It did work, and I am proud of this quilt.  It is one of my favorite pieces, possibly because it is done in my favorite colors.  I also surprised myself in that I wasn’t all that disappointed that it is not in the show.  I feel it belongs elsewhere…in a special place in someone’s home…maybe mine!

I finished two more busts and photographed them today.  I think I have found my direction…for another post…from the studio


  1. It is a beautiful quilt. I feel that being accepted in a show or not is a sort of game. Your work is still beautiful.

    1. It doesn’t get me down. Different jurors like different things and need to put together a cohesive show. As a juror, you end up rejecting a lot of very nice work. There is always another show.

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