Casual 3D…untitled

untitled…24X17 inches
From the back
From the back

This piece is very informal as compared to the piece, ICARA, in my last post.  Having experimented with both extremes, I feel I want to find a happy medium.

I am pleased with this piece because I love the way the quilted canvas has good texture that compliments its frayed edges.  I painted the canvas, quilted it and lined it … by hand…with a brown satin.  The “scarf” is painted cheesecloth, ripped and stitched.  The neck piece is painted and cut cotton, left quite wild.

I am lucky enough to have a DH who welded a stand for this piece.  The shoulder of the stand may be a bit wide…I think it will be trimmed as not to be seen at the shoulder line…not sure yet.

My thoughts while creating this piece were:  battle scarred, wild and free…”Hun-like” and earthy.  BUT, on the other hand, a quilting friend suggested it is Tina Turner, wild hair and shabby chic!  Art speaks in many ways!

Thanks for reading…from the studio


  1. This is a very different path for your work. It makes me think of people who have been shot and badly wounded, and were in threadbare clothing. Makes me want to “patch them up”.

    1. The piece itself is 24 inches tall and 18 inches wide at the shoulder. On the stand it is 27 inches tall. I think working with chamois cloth would be so interesting. The piece I am working on now uses the canvas and cheesecloth with the addition of leather and feathers…I must keep experimenting. Thank you for the kind words. Sue

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