Another 3D Quilt

Icara - 24" X 17" - quilted
Icara – 24″ X 17″ – quilted


As I mentioned in my previous post, I am very excited about working in 3D quilts.  I wanted to experiment with different shapes for my work and the concept of adornments or costumes along with historical references kept creeping into my head.  This piece, Icara, is the first in a series I call Vestiges – that which remains from memory or mythology, from custom or costume.

I am unsure if I will display this piece on a stand or whether I will let it sit on its own.  The piece I am working on now is less formal and I think it will be displayed on a metal stand…slim and light.  I have much experimenting to do, but I am trying to keep the series concept in mind as I create each new piece.  I love that you can see to the inside of the piece…this one lined with purple satin…so I have to consider all sides before I sew the bodice together.

The feathers are painted and clipped, and the bodice was quilted before the parts were assembled.  Lots of hand sewing, but well worth it.  This piece will also be part of the SAQA New Mexico show in Ruidoso this spring.

Below is the back view….from the studio

From the back
From the back


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