A New Quilted Vessel

This vessel is finished and I’m on way way with another one.  NIGHTFALL has been accepted into the SAQA New Mexico show, Beyond Tradition, at the Hubbard Museum in Ruidoso, NM, opening this spring.   I also have some other pieces in the show, but you will hear about those in a different post.

I used a few different techniques when creating this piece.  I used a texturizing material to make the black wrap around the back of the vessel.  I quilted it with a bronze metallic thread, which, after I “texturized” the fabric, receded to the bottom of the folds…just enough to add a sparkle, but not aggressively shiny.  The feathers were made with my paint and clip technique.  I stitched them to the top portion of the vessel.  They are placed very close together, almost overlapping, so that the edges will splay and really fill the neck of the vessel.  I’m using feathers on my next 3D piece, although the piece itself is not quite a vessel…more a 3D sculpture.

NIGHTFALL..36 inches tall...quilted vessel NIGHTFALL..36 inches tall…quilted vessel

The weather in New Mexico has been very dry, but delightfully warm and sunny for this time of year.  It makes working in the studio easy…bright, light and happy!  More things to come…from the studio



  1. Sue, this piece is amazing. Going 3D is it! Can’t wait to see you in the studio. Mimi

    1. Yeah Mimi! It’s so good to get confirmation on what I’ve been thinking. If the piece I’m working on now comes out the way I see it in my head, I will continue with 3D work. There is so much to explore. Sue

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