I realize it is barely summer yet, but this 3D piece says autumn to me.  I haven’t titled it…therefore the question mark… I am having a difficult time… I can’t seem to move past the general concept of autumn and on to an appropriate title!

Here is a detail shot of the leaves and grasses.

Detail of Neckpiece

I used a few different techniques in the construction of the piece.  The bust is painted on a textured linen and then quilted.  The blue “river” travels down the front and back of the piece, dotted with pearl cotton french knots.  (There are times I love to hand embroider…quite relaxing.)  The leaves and grasses are painted cotton, as I have done in other dimensional work, but I have shaped the leaves to stand away from the neck.

It might be time for a title…anyone? anyone??  from the studio


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