New series


New series sample 1


I’ve been working on a new series using a different layering style of painting.  I layer the circles and then paint the background around them so that they have an ethereal look.  This photo is part of a much larger quilt.  After I quilted the piece, I added paint details in the tiny circles orbiting the central element.  I love how the black and white “meteor-like” images stand out against the red orange background.

I also used this technique in another piece, but employed very subtle color, and it has a totally different effect.  In the first sample, I quilted the background with a great deal of motion, but in the example below, the background is much more free, with non-directional energy.  This sample reminds me of a worn leather jacket…worn because it is your favorite and can’t be let go.

Line work and color…same technique, two different looksfrom the studio

Sample Two

Sample Two

About studio18artist

A contemporary artist using canvas and cloth, paint and thread.


  1. The colors really glow!

    • Thank you. I love to work with strong color, especially red and orange. BUT, I also like the softness and mystery of a more neutral palette. In this case, I wanted to explore both using the same technique…so different. Sue

  2. I love the organic nature of these quilts – Donna Sebastian

  3. Another brilliant creation from you. Where do you sell your work? I’d be interested at potentially investing, just need to figure out how much to start saving.

    • Benjamin…I sell my work through exhibits and through my studio. There is a great variance in price depending upon size and construction techniques. I will answer your email separately.

  4. meta

    Lovely work again, Sue!

  5. Lovely glowing colours and the stitching looks great! I, too, have been dabbling with the ‘stitch first , paint later’ technique on a textile vase I had created in white. It was really interesting.

    • Thanks, Barbara. I didn’t plan to paint after stitching, but after it was stitched, I felt it needed some more. I started adding the paint very slowly, but once I got going, I liked it. I think we have both found something exciting. Sue

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