More Quilting

Quilt in Progress

Quilt in Progress


I’ve been working on some new pieces and doing a bit of travelling.  It’s a nice way to spend the summer.

I so enjoyed quilting the leaves on Autumn Rhapsody, I thought I’d use them again, but this time quilt them as they would fall from the tree, caught by the breeze.  I have painted and cut some pieces to use as texture on the quilt, but have an idea of how to use them in a more random way.  This piece has been hanging on the design wall for quite some time, waiting to move along.  I’ve done some work on a new series, but seem to be working on each quilt a bit at a time…none are complete.

Last weekend I attended the opening of the Legacies Exhibit in Fort Collins, CO.  The space is beautiful, the show outstanding and the other quilters so friendly and enthusiastic.  I am so delighted to participate!  One of my quilts was hung in the lobby outside the gallery space.  I really liked the way the Plexiglas is over each of the quilts in the public space, so that they cannot be touched.  The quilts in the gallery space are not covered and have such textural appeal.  The photo below shows the quilts in the lobby, behind the plexi.  A great evening…from the studio


Legacies Exhibit - Lincoln Center

Legacies Exhibit – Lincoln Center

About studio18artist

A contemporary artist using canvas and cloth, paint and thread.


  1. Wow. What talent. The show looks gorgeous. Way to go.Rlte

    • The show is fabulous! There is a great variety of techniques used to create the same finished product, an art quilt. The world is just bursting with creative people. Sue

  2. Beautiful quilt – love the exhibition too! =)

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