Space Time Continuum

Space Time quilt...42 X 31
Space Time Continuum…art quilt…42 X 31

SPACE TIME CONTINUUM is finished.  I’ve been good about finishing the quilts that needed to be bound and I’ve done some new ones, also.  Busy, busy, busy.

I’ve been incorporating texture into my quilts, but typically, the pieces are more abstract, and the focus of the quilt is the texture.  In this quilt, I wanted to represent, in a more focused way, the theory of a space-time continuum (who am I to tackle an Einstein theory???)…but anyway…and the textural element needed to have a strong purpose to help tell the story.  The quilt as a whole represents the fabric of space, which has textural elements of its own.  Because space is not static, time must be represented as an “arrow” that unifies this concept.  The textural element contributes.

I’ve also been preparing for the Studio Tour in September.  I will be showing my Painted and Textured quilts, concentrating on the new direction for my artwork.  Many of my paintings and constructed quilts that are not in this series will need to find a home so I can focus on my new work.  I will be posting some of these on my blog over the next few weeks…at a special value, of course.

Thank you for reading.  I’ll be back again soon…from the studio


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