Painting on Cotton … Feathers

Feathers Painted on Black Cotton...One Feather Stitched
Feathers Painted on Black Cotton…One Feather Stitched

I haven’t spent much time in the studio this week, but today I’m back at it full force!  I am quilting the painted fabric piece shown in my previous post and am excited about finishing this quilt.

After a few days of looking at the quilt on the design wall,  I saw the colors of the Indian Pow Wow dancers.  The vertical strips in the middle of the quilt will become their painted sticks and needed some feathers.  I painted the feathers with acrylic paint on black cotton fabric, fused them to a backing fabric and stitched.  This is the result.

Feathers Sewn and Cut
Feathers Sewn and Cut

After I sewed the feathers, I cut them into shape.  I have not sewn the centers yet, as I will use that sewing to attach them to the quilt when I have finished quilting the background.  My vision is for them to be hanging towards the bottom of the “sticks”, but that may change…from the studio


  1. Sue, just the feathers are stunning. can’t wait to see the entire finished piece, feathers integrated.

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