Painting on Canvas and …

UNTITLED...8 X 8...Acrylic
UNTITLED…8 X 8…Acrylic

This small painting was done using the same palette knife technique I have used in my more recent paintings.  I have been pleased with this technique, have gotten comfortable with it, so why can’t I try using the same method on cotton and use it in a quilt…a textile painting!  The paint has been flying in the studio this week and through much experimentation I have found a way to paint the cotton and use it in a textile painting that will have the same “voice” as my acrylic paintings.  The photo below shows the beginnings…fabric pinned to the design wall.

Painted cotton on the design wall...a potential layout
Painted cotton on the design wall…a potential layout

This is my first attempt at using this new fabric.  I used acrylic paint and medium to create the large square (32 inches wide) and the vertical strips in this layout.  I played with different combinations of medium and paint and think I have found the right combination.  I can spread the paint as I do on canvas, but can also control the build-up, so the fabric will maintain much of its hand and will be “stitchable” without too many problems.

The layers of paint have sealed the fabric, so that if I wish to modify color or design, I can paint on the fabric while it is pinned to the design wall and the color won’t penetrate the cotton and make a mess of my wall.  I’m sure I will modify the color on this piece, even though it started as a practice piece.

I am intrigued with this design.  If I keep things simple, (a true exercise for me), this piece will work.   I pinned the black fabric along the bottom edge…I know it’s not the right size!….because I felt the piece needed some weight and black to play with the black in the strips.

I’ll continue with this textile painting over the next few days.  It might actually workfrom the studio


  1. This is fantastic – I love it! And I actually quite like the fact that the black fabric is a different size, and the layered look this gives … =D

    1. Thank you much. It’s funny you should like the size of the black piece, because when I first put it up, it was more centered, and I had a thought to keep it about four inches in on each side…maybe a thought I will think again! Sue

  2. This morning I went fabric shopping, and I did see painters canvass cotton sold per meter. I was thinking how I could use that in textile art. Did you use that sort of fabric?

    1. Thank you! The more I see it, the more I like it. I hope the quilting will add to it, not mess it up. I never know on the first go round with a new fabric. Sue

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