Studio Quilt: Sneak Peek 3

SNEAK PEEK Studio Quilt #3

Here is a sneak peek at the third…and last… quilt made from the dye painted blocks done by visitors during the studio tour.  This quilt top has much less of my dyed fabric, as the blocks I used from my “visiting artists” were very pictorial, fully painted edge to edge.

I trimmed some blocks and used them in their entirety.  Other blocks I cut in half and used each piece in a different place in the quilt.  A  few I cut into sections and pieced back together.  The three flowers at the bottom edge of the photo were originally spread across the painted block, and by cutting them apart and “re-piecing” them, they came together as a lovely flower garden.

The three quilts I have put together are completely different from each other.  This one is very active in design and very stong in color.  I haven’t titled this one yet, but it certainly will be reflective of the wild nature depicted in the blocks.

I will quilt this piece over the next few days and post about the quilting process.  The process is the same for all the quilts.  Trimming, binding and mounting will follow and take some time to do on all three…from the studio

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