My work is now on Galleribba

WHIRLWIND… Mini Quilt…8 X 6 inches

A few weeks ago I was kindly invited to have a page on the textile site GalleribbaThe site features the work of many wonderful international artists who have created small and unique textile wall art.  The work is available ready to hang, framed, or can be framed in standard size frames.  You can click on the artist’s name at the bottom of the home page to view their work.  It’s fascinating!  Each artist’s work is truly different, but there seems to be a contemporary theme throughout the site.  I feel honored to have a page among such talented artists.

I made this piece with my hand dyed, dye painted and shibori dyed fabric.  I thought the black and white binding added great energy to the piece.

To view this piece and ten others on my page, click here.

Studio quilt update:  The first and second quilts are quilted and I am almost finished piecing number three! (you’ll see it soon)…from the studio


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