Studio Quilt: Sneak Peek 2

Studio Tour Quilt #2…sneak peek

I’ve pieced the second quilt from the blocks made at the studio tour.  In this quilt, I used the blocks that were mostly white with black, yellow and blue.  I dyed some complimentary fabrics in chartreuse and “purply” blue and dye painted those fabrics with black dye using different designs.  These fabrics, interspersed with the blocks, brought the design together.

As you can see in this “peek”, I’ve also cut some blocks… strategically, of course…into circles and applied them to the quilt top.

I’m pleased with the way this top has come together.  The first quilt I showed in an earlier post is being quilted and this one will be next.  The third top is being difficult, so I think I will quilt the first two and look at the third every now and then.  Maybe I’ll have an epiphany that will speed it along to completion…from the studio


    1. These pieces have been a challenge, but so far, so good. Working with fabric is different from painting (for me) in that the fabric is like working with a fixed palette of color, shape and size. When I paint, all those parameters are so easily changed with just the stroke of a brush or a squeeze of a tube of a different color. Sue

    1. After thinking about your question, the answer is yes. Since I dye most of my fabric, I can create a vast palette to draw from when I quilt. When I work intuitively, my fabric palette usually provides what I need because it was all created by me…my colors, my designs, etc. But there still are times when I want a certain result in a quilt that I need to create a different fabric in a specific hue, which means another day and maybe not the right result. When I paint, the color change is immediate and can even be glazed over for just the right fit. The painting can be very spontaneous and move along quickly. I love both quilting and painting, each in it’s own way.

  1. I just love this blog and keeping up with your work. I’m slow to get back to my studio. But, I did get some collaged christmas cards done for Seedboat. There is a new antique dealer in our town who has mid-20th century so I’m going to see if she will show some of my stuff there. It has been fun seeing the museums around here and we have found some great hiking spots as well. Did I send pictures of our place? Also, it is a two story – would that be OK for you? Love, Mimi and Art ________________________________

    1. Once you are back in the studio, post some more of your work on your blog. I got the pictures…looks delightful. Two story, no problem. Thanks for keeping up with me. Sue

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