Quilting the Studio Quilts


I am in the process of quilting the last Studio Tour quilt.  I am using my mid-arm quilting frame and my Pfaff sewing machine.

The first step in the process is to place the backing fabric on the front and rear bars of the frame.  By rotating the bars, the backing material becomes taught and will remain that way while I quilt.  You can see the backing fabric on the outer edge of the quilt “sandwich”, just below the batting.  You can also see it as it rolls up on the rear bar of the frame as the piece is quilted and advanced.

Next, I lay the batting and the quilt top on top of the backing fabric.  It is not attached to the backing until I quilt it together with the machine.  You can see how the quilting is free motion, no particular pattern.  In this quilt, I want to emphasize the drawn elements of each block and then add my own quilting style in between these elements.

It will take a while to finish and then on to the binding…from the studio

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