Visitors in the Studio

I’M ONLY IN CONFLICT WITH MYSELF…36 X36.5…wall quilt…sold

I enjoy having visitors in my studio.  I feel it is a great opportunity to explain and actually demonstrate how I create my artwork, either quilts or paintings.

My main focus during a studio visit is education.  The more my visitors know about my techniques and about me as an artist, the more they can appreciate my work.

I believe people visit an artist’s studio to learn and to have a personal connection with the artist.  I do not focus on selling my work.  Actually, I firmly believe you cannot sell a painting or a quilt.  The buyer needs to feel an attraction to a piece of art and have an understanding of how it is done.  None of my techniques are secret and all of them can be discussed freely.  I enjoy sharing and I learn a lot from the questions I am asked.  Sometimes I’m not sure of an answer, but through our discussion, we can usually come up with something that will satisfy our curiosities, with a bit of laughter thrown in the mix.

With a welcoming attitude, a sharing of ideas, and a bit of fun, a studio visitor may give some of your art a new home.

This quilt found a new home with a lovely couple that visited my studio last week.  As I explained to them, this quilt was dye painted, hand dyed and quilted…plus a little bit more…I can go on and on…from the studio


  1. Thanks for being a visitor to my site, it’s funny I finished a piece recently using the same color pallet. d’où vient ma douleur vivre. You may like it. Be well.

  2. I agree – I have a conjoined gallery and studio, and often I make the best sales after people have gone into the studio area and looked at my works in progress, asking questions and interacting with me and vice versa … love the quilt, and the title too! =D

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