A Gift Received


Sometimes a few spoken words can be a gift that is more special than anything tangible could ever be.

A while ago, we were enjoying dinner in the home of a friend who owns a few of my paintings.  Another couple, fondly known as “The Girls”, were wandering and looked at some of my work.  One of them said to me “You should paint“.  I’m sure, to her, this was just a casual comment, but to me, the words resonated in my head for the rest of the evening.  Actually, I couldn’t tell you what else we talked about during the following hours.

I love to do my fiber work and generally think of myself as a fiber artist.  I was getting a bit stuck on where I should go with my quilts, so her comment gave me new enthusiam to return to another medium that I love.  In fact, her comment was the third along the same lines that I had received in a very short time.  I guess the third time is a charm!

I’ve been in the studio painting since then and am pleased with the results.  This week, I’ve started two that are just where I want to be…therefore, not much blogging!  I’ll post them when they are finished.


As for the painting that accompanies this post, I did it for The Girls.  I “read” them as “red”…confident, happy, loving and fun…and I guessed right.  The caption should not read sold, but instead “a very small token for a gift received“.

….from the studio

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