Where Did This Come From?


This new painting has roots in other designs I used in my quiltwork.  For many years I did quilted and embroidered pieces that has the same linear layout as this painting.  For example, this quilted and embroidered piece from many years ago has the same horizontal bands of color in fabric instead of paint.

pieced, quilted and embroidered from 2005

In the following piece, done about the same time, the “blocks” of folded fabric are reminiscent, to me, of the effect in the painting resulting from leaving some “blocks” of underlying coolr uncovered by the final layer of paint.

LAKESIDE…constructed fabrics, woven canvas frame

In looking back to the work I’ve done over many years, I realize that my aesthetic has not changed much, it’s just moving along and being a bit transformed.  And that’s okay, because each new variation on this theme keeps me interested and motivated…from the studio


  1. I wonder if this recurring layout has unconscious links to the landscape, i.e. the horizontal line between land and sky … lovely to see how you have intepreted this arrangement in different media! =D

    1. I’m sure it does. It was a surprise to find the thread running through my work. I guess there is something internal that keeps my work true to “me”.

  2. I just love the balance in your paintings. The canvas has clear divisions but I find myself moving all around and in and out of the space. Color – Wow! Mimi

    1. Mimi, thanks for visiting. I think our paintings have a lot of the same foundations, but we each finish with our own voice. I’m obsessed…having way too much fun!

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