Three weeks of mutation

mutation…20×20 …acrylic on canvas…available at Earthen Vessel

The past three weeks have been hectic, but all is in place now. I titled this post using the word mutation because my art life has changed and settled into a new rhythm.

The first thing I did was to narrow my gallery representation to two, Jupiter Fine Art in Madrid, NM and Earthen Vessel in Durango, Co. I removed the my work from other galleries to enter into semi-retirement. I will now concentrate on my textile explorations and abstract painting. I have quite a few ideas for new 3D textile techniques and want to spend all the time necessary to explore them. I also wish to return to painting more abstractly, also using some new techniques…at least new for me…and take my time playing with each new one.

I spent the past two days in Durango delivering and installing four paintings from my Covid series. The gallery is now on Main Av in a new space and will focus on abstract art and contemporary ceramics.. It is modern and bright with gorgeous brick walls and big front windows.

Now that all is in place, I will have a bit more time to myself…maybe to do things other than my art…travel, cook, or maybe just nothing. I am quite enjoying my slower days. Who is this person??? More to come…slowly…from the studio

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