Larger Mementos

I am continuing my MEMENTOS Series, but adding larger pieces to the group. The smaller ones have been very well received …thank you so much…but, purely by accident, I stitched some larger pieces. I got carried away with some new fabric I created this week and the layering grew. The pieces looked good and allowed me to add more stitching and more beadwork. These added touches led to some pieces that have a beautiful presence. I am currently offering them unframed in an 8×10 and 9×12 inch size…easy to place in a standard size frame, yet ready to travel in a carry on suitcase.

I mentioned that I created some new fabric last week. What you ask? I burned my dyed or painted silks around the edges and all about. On this piece, I used it as the first layer and the last layer. I like the sheerness and the irregular shape. Can you blame me for going bigger?

Here’s another new one…from the studio

Available at Jupiter Fine Art in Madrid, NM.

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