Well, well, well…how quickly things can change! This past week has been a tornado of textiles…some unexpected, but all enjoyable.

The All Terrain exhibit at the New Mexico Capitol Rotunda Gallery was hung, lit and open this week after two years of delay due to Covid. I am fortunate enough to have eight pieces in the show along with the exquisite work of seven amazing artists. To be enveloped in a sea of truly unique textile manipulations was exhilarating. I have not done any textile work in quite a while, so I was invigorated!

I must admit, it came just at the right time. Two days earlier I was invited to show my textile work in a LOVELY gallery of friends. Seven artist friends…we each do completely different work, different materials, fine craft. So, I know, I know, I know, I wasn’t going to pursue gallery work, but this is more a cooperative of artists working together in a small, but beautiful space. I spent the week creating four wall hung, painted, quilted, woven and embellished textile constructions to contribute to the mission. I am quite flattered and grateful to be asked to be part of this endeavor. More to come…I will post a few times this week with more specifics and images.

If you are in Santa Fe, or plan to be in the next few months, the All Terrain exhibit is not one to be missed…from the studio…playing catch up

BTW, CEO’s on hold for a while…

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