a NEW New Mexico Borderland Painting

NM Borderland acrylic on canvas board
New NM Borderland Series painting

It has been a different week for me. We were out of town for four days, picking up work from a show that finished and then hosted my brother…unexpectedly…for the rest of the week. He couldn’t get home due to a snowstorm north of here, so we had a very nice visit for the week until the roads were clear enough to travel.

I benefitted from his comprehensive technical knowledge to help fill in the blanks in my minimal technical skills…what a blessing!

I also learned something about myself…how “addicted” I am to spending my days painting in my little studio. As soon as he left yesterday morning, I got out my paints and got busy. My heart was singing…and I think, so was I, outloud, in an outburst of joy. This is where you will find me for the next few days, happy as a clam.

I chose to try a vertical painting format for the NM Borderlands series. I don’t know why I hadn’t ventured in that direction previously. The emphasis is more on the sky in this one…I may try a higher horizon placement in the next. I don’t know where things will go in the next few days, I just know they will go! I am quite excited to see how this one will look as a canvas giclee as I will be offering them soon in my online shop.

I can’t wait to get started today, so onward…from the studio

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