Painting on A wooden Sign Board

Long and narrow on found sign board

I came across some wooden sign boards that I acquired somewhere, sometime and thought I’d try painting one of them. I taped off the frame because it was not removable, gessoed the wood panel three times, and sanded it as smooth as possible. I do quite a bit of painting on canvas, but I sure did enjoy painting on this smooth, hard surface. The paint just glides. It is almost exhilarating.

I also enjoy painting landscapes in a horizontal format, especially if the width is two or three times longer than the height. Maybe it’s because of the long distance views here in New Mexico. As soon as you drive outside of town, you can see for miles and I tend to scan the entire horizon and try to remember as much as possible. I so appreciate the quality photos that my phone captures, but long, distant landscapes just don’t seem to look as impressive in a photo as they do in person. So, even though old age is catching up with me, I can still remember images well, and probably embellish their beauty in my mind. They are the reference “photos” for my paintings.

The next decision…should I leave the frame as is, or paint it, wax it, or change the color….don’t know yet. I like to see it sitting on a shelf or where it is on a ledge in my house. Maybe I will take my time and just enjoy it for a while…from the studio

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