First…a Vision

To develop a plan for the next year, I needed a vision. What would be the ideal scenario for me and what steps would I need to define to get there? I am fantastic at seeing the big picture, but needed to research the day by day work that will get me to the end.

THE VISION: I have been selling my work through galleries…now I want to present my own gallery…fully online…artwork sent directly to you, not through a middleman…a place where you can linger without a following eye…take time to find what is right for you. Ask me – the artist- questions. I will communicate with you and help you hone in on the piece that will make you smile for many years. Isn’t that what art is supposed to do?

This will allow me to create pieces in a series that can hang together and sing in harmony in your home. No middle agent also means affordable prices, art that is accessable to everyone…a huge part of this plan.

I am currently working on two series: New Mexico Borderlands, depicting the northern, southern, eastern, and western borders of the state, and New Mexico High Desert, the rolling hills and vegetation near Santa Fe. I am painting what I know and, through my research, painting images not readily available on a smaller scale. Large, lovely representional work hangs in western galleries, but may be out of reach for many of us. I hope my paintings, with a bit of a contemporary edge, will fill the gap. Will they remind you of your trip to the southwest or maybe inspire you to find your way here one day? I hope so.

I will let you in on more next week…more work ahead for me to make the next step in this plan a reality…If you would like more frequent updates, follow me on Instagram @studio18artwork…from the studio


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