On a New Path

Have you ever felt it was time for a serious restart to your routine? This past year has been rewarding for me in many ways…steady sales, the addition of a strong (and lovely) print line to compliment my original paintings, and, especially important this year, good health. My computer has been a constant friend, providing classes on technical issues like graphics, copywriting, and photography, and webinars or podcasts with professionals in the art biz. (It is so fascinating to see how other artists have directed their careers and developed their unique artistic style.) This information expanded my abilities in many areas, and inspired me to do some personal planning and goal setting for 2022.

At the beginning of the year, I also evaluated the aspects of my business that were not as positive. I have been on a treadmill, keeping galleries stocked with good work, and started to feel the long hours in the studio a bit exhausting, instead of exhilarating as usual. I strongly believe if the galleries don’t have an abundant supply, sales will falter. It is their job to promote and sell, and my job to give them what they need to do that…artwork, photos, inventory sheets and catalogs. We are a team. An issue compounding this task has been a great difficulty in obtaining the supplies I need to do my work. Many were out of stock for months and I needed to grab an extraordinary amount when I found them available. Except for a few items, I think I am set for a while…at least that is what all the boxes stacked in my guest bedroom are telling me! Prices for these supplies have increased substantially, so I inched up my prices…something I don’t like to do, but to remain in business, I had to do. An important tenet of my business plan has always been to be a reasonably, affordably priced artist.

All of this has been spinning in my head for the past month. I found a good solution for me…to redirect my days to a more sustainable creative agenda.

enough said for tonight…you really don’t want to read anymore, do you? … tomorrow my solution…a path in a simpler direction…from the studio, a quieter and calm space

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