Working ‘round the Block

Limited Vocabulary painting 12×12
Limited Vocabulary…12×12

These two paintings belong to my Limited Vocabulary Series, created for Weekend at the Galleries in Silver City, NM, Oct. 7-9. Each piece is designed around a series of “blocks”, arranged and rearranged until the balance is just right. The series is so titled as each painting employs only two colors plus black and white. I find an incredible range of colors can be created using these simple base pigments. Of course, I select colors that when blended with each other, blend harmoniously…yummy.

These two paintings combine yellow and crimson and gold and crimson. If I use a blue-toned black with the gold or yellow, the result leans toward green…such a wide range of options.

I have 20 pieces (almost) completed…some still need their finish…varnish…and still need to be photographed…phew! Sizes range from 36×36 to this 12×12 size….more coming this week…from the studio, the overflowing studio


    1. Thank you, Chris. I love this series and as I complete more pieces, I feel they are getting better and better. Nonrepresentational work has always been my first love…I don’t know where the landscapes come from. Thanks also for being part of my blog family for so long. Sue

  1. Love seeing your evolution and experimentation.  Wonderful.  Where will you be showing in SIlver?  We have company that weekend but might see you in town? Love Mimi

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