Just the Right Place

JUST THE RIGHT PLACE…acrylic on canvas…12×36

The rain is falling in JUST THE RIGHT PLACE! Again, I have taken a bit of a turn, experimenting with different grounds for my paintings. I like this one, using it in another piece. Who knows…maybe a field series is on the horizon.

I grew up in the Midwest, so farm furrows are quite familiar and have always appealed to me. If the middle of the country were less hot and humid, less prone to tornadoes and, definitely, less buggy, I would love to return and live on a farm. Right now, I am quite spoiled by warm and dry weather and no mosquitoes….but I do miss the green and cloudy skies, different from New Mexico, a bit heavier and less azure.

This is just a quick post, as I am using today’s cool, dry and breezy NM weather to varnish my paintings…speeds the drying process quite nicely…from the studio


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