Back to the Limited Vocabulary Series

Untitled, as of now…40×16…acrylic on canvas

I spent the past two weeks traveling and seeing friends here at home…great fun and quite relaxing. I also started developing a plan for a show coming around in October. I am committed to showing work in my Limited Vocabulary series, paintings created using two colors plus black and white. I may expand into adding some textiles or papers to the paintings, along with the “dots” and, in reality, anything else that strikes my fancy as I develop a good grouping of both large and small canvases.

The piece above, yet untitled, is a good start to get back in the rhythm of working within the parameters I set for this series. I also hope to explore some simpler compositions done with a softer color combination. Below is an example of a similar palette in a smaller and less complex piece I created a few years ago for this series. I am excited to continue…from the studio

12×12 in a similar palette … sold

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