New Landscape Prints

Mesa on the GALISTEO River…print on fine art watercolor paper mounted on gallery depth cradled board

I recently expanded my print collection to include images of horizontal landscapes that I painted over the years. I am still keeping my sizes manageable, so that the visitors to our lovely state can take home a visual memory of their trip…easily stashed in their suitcase or carry on for the ride home.

I printed the images on fine art watercolor paper and mounted them on 4×12 inch cradled boards or gallery wrapped canvas. The prints mounted on canvas fill the entire face with the edges of the canvas painted black. The wood mounted prints are framed with a small black painted border, the same as the mini raven prints. Both are finished with a matte varnish for UV and dust protection.

Below are three of the prints on board…not the best photo as they were on my dining room table, but you get the drift. I am quite pleased with the result and am printing more images each day. Six different prints, three on canvas and three on board, are currently available at Mostly Madrid and will soon find their way to my online store…from the studio

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