2016…a Limited Vocabulary

In taking a look back to 2016, I believe the most important development in my growth as an artist was my LIMITED VOCABULARY SERIES of paintings. See some here. I explored the series fully and let the “rule” of working with only one or two colors and black and white percolate through much of my work until this day. By working with a focus for a long while, it can become a guide when a problem presents itself. The “dots” which first appeared in this series are now a signature of my work, even sprinkling themselves into my raven paintings on canvas.

This post explains the process…A New Painting…February 9, 2016


INDUSTRIAL…16×40 acrylic painting

This is the second painting in a new series I am calling “A Limited Vocabulary”.  My felted constructions have limited color and I wanted to continue this limited palette in my paintings.  I need to give myself “rules” when I begin a new series.

By focusing on certain parameters for each piece in a series, I know where to begin and, hopefully, when to stop.  I typically use strong, warm colors in my paintings, so it has been challenging to refrain from starting there.  I want to keep the first pieces in this series mostly black, white and a few neutral colors, but as I continue, my limited palette may be black, white and one other color…maybe ORANGE, maybe RED!

I am also going to simplify the design in the paintings as I continue, something I have always wanted to do, but tend to loose sight of often. I am excited to continue and see where this takes me….from the studio

No. 2: Exuberance…March 25, 2016


EXUBERANCE, 24×24 acrylic painting

This piece, EXUBERANCE, a blue/orange and black and white piece in the Limited Vocabulary series, found a new home. I am very lucky…from the studio


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