The Ravens Have Landed

The ravens have landed in the AVIARY…a place for all things bird.. and are now available online.

the RAVEN SPEAKS is my first bird series on paper. The monoprinted backgrounds host an individually painted charming bird. His personality speaks in the title of his piece, in his oversized feet and his friendly eyes. I based these images on larger paintings I’ve done and loved. Each is an original acrylic painting…not a print…mounted and presented with an 8 ply gallery mat, either 8×10 or 11×14, standard sizes to place in a frame of your choice, selected by you, to match your decor. Also, if you see a raven you love but the colors are not you, become part of the artistic process. Select the colors you would like me to use for the mono printed background, select a raven (by title) and I will create a custom painting for you. The image will be similar, not exact, as each piece is an original painting

Over the course of the next month, the AVIARY will fill up with different birds painted on paper or canvas and, lastly, the feathers they have dropped along the way.

My readers and collectors are so special to me, whether you are purchasing your first piece, adding something new to those you own or just looking. AS A THANK YOU…

I am offering five (5) 20% off coupons to my blog readers…coupon code READER20…first come… to introduce the AVIARY at ENJOY!…from the studio

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