NIGHT LIGHTS…acrylic on canvas…8×24

This painting, NIGHT LIGHTS, started as an exercise in developing my skills with a palette knife. I had a few knives, but wanted more of a selection, so I bought a set of nine in various sizes and shapes. I tried to use each one somewhere on the painting, for the experience and to possibly find the purpose of each one…at least my purpose. In reality, I found I used four or five with ease. I can use the others to mix paint on my palette or to quickly apply a generous amount of paint to the canvas and then follow with a brush to blend.

On another note, I have been obsessed with a new project for the past few weeks. I like to explore the best way for me to assemble a completed “product”. It always takes me a long time to develop a new presentation of my work because I want it to look a bit different than the standard, especially if the work is smaller. I will share this one soon. I needed to completely finish three pieces to submit for jurying for a miniature holiday show…due tomorrow! Just need to take a few photos and submit online…and keep my fingers crossed. I really like the way they have turned out and am excited to share, hopefully with a note that they have been accepted…from the studio


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