The first Cold Front at Taos Plateau painting sold, so I did another, brighter version using lighter clouds pushing against the cold front intruding from the right. I drive past this view of the Taos Plateau on my excursions north to Colorado and it continues to be one of my favorite scenes along the way. The fields lie level with the road for miles and then abruptly butt against the rapidly rising topography…what a beautiful site!

As I have mentioned before, I don’t paint from photographs, but instead use images from memory. I am sure you can recall an image of a place that has remained with you because of its beauty or relationship to a certain event in your life. If you were to render that image, it would not be an exact replicate, but it would most likely be more magnetic to a viewer because of the emotion that flowed from your hand into the painting. Where is your most beautiful memory? With all the craziness these days, maybe it’s time for us to close our eyes and spend some mental time remembering and relaxing in our own mind’s beautiful place.

This painting is available at Earthen Vessel Gallery in Durango, CO…from the studio

Cold Front no. 2 detail

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