Strings Attached: New Mexico Sunset


A few posts ago, I gave you a sneak peek at part of this piece…the “headdress”. It is composed of a quilted fabric embellished with irrigation tubing and newspaper yarn. The body of the piece is made from newspaper, sewn with a cording and woven.

Here it is on the work table, woven but not painted. I painted both sides and then wove the longer pieces you see on the left into the body to make a tube. The inside of the piece was my place to experiment with color, and, honestly, how to apply the paint in a semi-transparent, but also opaque enough fashion, to see the newsprint, but not really…get it?

I am submitting this piece to a show that has been postponed, as is much these days….maybe one month, maybe two. I am going to use this time to play in my studio developing more woven pieces complimented by quilted components. I also want to spend relaxed time, with no deadlines, to return to my Limited Vocabulary paintings on a large scale. I want to truly immerse myself in each piece and push myself to the limits of my creative and artistic abilities.

Since we are all home for quite a while, maybe we can develop a new skill that will give us great pleasure down the line and make us a more calm, happy and confident person…maybe more interesting also. YouTube has an instructional video for everything…ANYTHING you may want to learn to do. We can look at the worst, or we can look forward to something new each day.

Hoping you are all well…from the studio


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